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About What is my Browser

About What is my Browser

Utilize your mouse to resize your program and see what your program size is. The numbers situated within the container will let you know what number of pixels your program is.

What is my Browser

Knowing your program size will permit you to set up your site so it can be seen on various size screens while as yet showing the greater part of the imperative data you wish to pass on to guests.

Find out which browser which you are using on your computer with check your browser tool. Check your browser is a free tool which will tell the web browser you are using on your computer.

The tool will also show the version of the browser which is installed on your computer. Along with the version of the browser, this tool will also show the operating system version installed on your computer and the user agent. You can find all these things using check your browser tool and with just a single click.

Cool Browser Shortcuts which you can use

We have mentioned few browser shortcuts which you can use on your browser and get the best out of it.

Ctrl + F

Press the combination of Ctrl + F keys when you have opened a web browser on your computer and you will be see a search box. You can search anything on the current web page by entering in the small search box. If you have opened a long article or are viewing a forum thread then Ctrl + F will be very useful as you don’t have to search for the statements, just enter the query in the search bar and you will see it highlighted on your browser window.


If you want to reload a page you can simply press the F5 key from your keyboard. This function can be performed on all the web browsers. As you can use the F5 key to reload a web page you don’t have to use your mouse. If you have opened a website which needs reloading to check the latest updates then F5 key will help you a lot.


Many people don’t know but each browser comes with a full screen mode. You can enter in the full screen mode of your browser by pressing the F11 key. The full screen mode is also known as no-distraction mode as all the buttons and toolbars are hidden. You can read the article on the full screen of your laptop by entering in the Full Screen mode.


You can put both the Home and end keys to good use. Using the Home key you can shift to the top of the page whereas the End key will push you at the bottom of the page. Many people don’t think of the home and End buttons as a cool shortcut but it will help you when you are browsing your Facebook or Twitter feed as you don’t have to keep scrolling.

Ctrl + T

If you work with a lot of tabs on your browser then this shortcut is going to help you a lot. Ctrl + T will open a new tab on your browser. This shortcut will work with all the browsers available for computers. Ctrl + T is the fastest method to open a new tab.

Using the above mentioned shortcuts you will be able to get the best use out of your web browser and increase your productivity.